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    Order Book Swept plots right-facing triangles above\below the signal bar.

    These triangles can be used as visual reference points for entry stops.

    The thinking behind Order Book Swept is that it may behoove a trader to wait for price to confirm the sweeping of the Order Book.   Hence, having a visual notification of a breach point via the triangles, can help a trader denote where price actually confirms its resumption into the trend.

    E.G. - If there is a buy (green) Order Book Swept alert, then the indicator will plot the right-facing triangle one tick above the bar where the alert occurred.  If the high of bar after the alert is lower than the alert bar, the triangle will be plotted one tick above this bar (and thus acts as a trailing entry stop marker).

    Once price breaches the right-facing triangle, Price is assumed to have resumed its trend. 

    Note - The tick spacing of the plotting of these triangles can be configured within the indicator's parameters.


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